Simple… to provide a way to tap into your equity while trying to avoiding unnecessary changes to your lifestyle


Not all scenarios are the same, nor personal situations are the same either, so why does financial or real estate products have to be generic.  We believe that with the right information and a Human to Human approach, we will be able to give you the right recommendation.

Our Way

All About Humans

Although we rely on the best technology, every case is managed by a real person, capable of combining his/her intuition with all the right possibilities for you.


You will have straight answers and real scenarios.


We know that time is of the essence, that’s why our process follow strict times processes.  The faster you work with us, the faster we will have an ideal assessment and offer.

Every Case Matters

Our model is designed to give the same importance to every single case.  We will walk with you all along, from the moment you submit the initial application to the moment you are offered a leaseback. 


Our portal focuses on educating people on the leaseback model. How it benefits each individual and when.  And if it doesn’t, we also offer alternatives.

Join Our Network

We focus on educating people about the leaseback business model, that’s why we are constantly looking for individuals in the real estate business who are interested in joining our team or expanding our network.  If that’s the case please fill in the following form.