Equity Release Deals

Equity Release Deals

Equity is what we call the difference of your home’s value and the amount still due on your loan. In simpler terms, equity is the accrued value in your house. Equity release is any way to access that accumulated value without having to move out. Equity release plans are varied and it’s very likely to […]

Is renting a waste of money?

waste of money

Surely, you’ve heard from someone that money spent on rent is wasted, this is not true. Sure, you won’t make any money off of your home if you’re a renter, but you won’t make any as a buyer either unless you decide to sell. There are many benefits that come from the flexibility of renting, […]

Should you sell your house to pay off debt?

pay off debt

Being indebted is an extremely stressful situation. As you try to find your way out, interest rates might plunge you deeper into financial distress. This is an especially common problem in the United States, where 157 million people carry credit card debt, according to a study conducted in 2017 by CNBC. In a financial state […]

Possible Pitfalls of a Reverse Mortgage

Reverse Mortgage

Why it’s important A reverse mortgage seems like a great deal at first glance. This type of loan provides a tax-free steady income to retirees and doesn’t need to be paid back until the borrower sells the property, moves out, or dies. As true as all of that is, there are also a number of […]

Can you sell your house if you have a mortgage?


Short answer: Yes. The question is not whether or not you can sell, but if you should. I’m going to explain, in the briefest, simplest way I can, what you should consider if you have a mortgage and you’re thinking about selling. What is a mortgage? A mortgage is simply a pledge taken by the homeowner to pay back […]

It’s all about the numbers: A financial example of a Leaseback

When you sell your house with a Leaseback you can free up the cash/equity locked in your house without having to move. The Buyer of your house, the “Investor”, will give you a written offer to buy your house combined with an offer to rent it back to you. If those numbers make financial sense, […]

3 Things You Need to Know About a Residential Leaseback

Residential Leaseback

What is a leaseback? A Leaseback is a transaction where the seller of an asset, in this case, Real Estate,  leases it back from the new Buyer at closing for an agreed-upon rent and terms. This historically has been a short term accommodation to the Seller when the sale/closing date does not coincide with the […]