Smart lights, smart door locks, smart doorbells and smart thermostats are all very convenient.  Do you need to add all these tech features to your house now in order to add value or be more appealing to a Buyer?

Many Real Estate Agents believe that these conveniences add an extra edge to your home, especially if you are catering to the millenial population that is entering the market.

Everything is on the grid these days.You can answer your door from another country, turn the lights on or off from your phone and check to see if that package  that was delivered to your front door is still there.You can even buy a refrigerator that orders groceries online for you. 

A recent Nest study stated that it saved 10-15%  of the costs of heating and cooling with their smart thermostat. Smart toilets are a much bigger investment than a $250 thermostat but when you add up the thousands of gallons a year that you conserve you are doing a lot of good for you and the planet.

For many of us these devices might be complicated and even intimidating, however the savings on monthly bills and a greater sense of security may draw you to consider them.

Many Investors are choosing smart locks and doorbells as a method of keeping eyes on their investments and easily allow access for potential Buyers or Tenants.

When it comes time to sell your home anything that makes your house stand out can help a buyer choose your house over another option.

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